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You Can Make Your Own Oat Milk- 4 Simple Steps

Okay, so I was tired of having to pay so much money for some dang on almond milk. I've read all about how to make your own, but I was too lazy for that. So that's why decided to give Oat milk a try.

No, I did not go buy one from the store. Why would I do that if I have oats in my cabinet? Ya dig?

Anyway, here's the recipe. If you scroll all the way down, you can download the PDF.


1 C Old Fashioned Oats

4 C Water

1 -1.5 Tsp Vanilla (all up to you)

2 Tbs Simple Syrup (or liquid sweetener of your choice)

Dash of cinnamon (optional)


1. Put all ingredients in a high powered blender until smooth

2. Strain over bowl

3. Pour liquid into jar

4. Refrigerate (up to 7 days)

Make sure to shake before use and...VOILA!

Print the recipe here!

XX, Tanaya

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