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If you don't intentionally heal, you can't move on

Healing, am I right?

I have had a good run in with the word "healing". I used to hear it from folks that talked to their plants for a living, touched nothing but organic products and ate a plant-based diet. You'd see them on any given day lighting candles and sipping tea underneath Grandmother Willow.

For some reason I just couldn't figure out why so many people kept saying that you had to heal. It wasn't until I went through a rough time that I eventually started to understand the power of healing.

Now, full disclaimer: I am not a licensed doctor of any kind, I am only sharing my experiences in hopes you get some motivation to heal too.

I'm not going to go into a whole lot about why I personally decided to REALLY start healing, but I will share this: healing ain't easy and I'm still going through it.

During these times, there are a lot of triggers that are causing us to react with pent up emotion we buried. Whatever that is for you, I want you to find it an write it down. Why? Because how will you know what needs to be healed if you ignore it?

What worked for me when I started my healing journey, was going to God. There's a scripture that I prayed to God ( Psalm 139:23-24 ). It is asking God to show you what is basically hindering you from moving on, or anything in you that is blocking your blessings.

When you pray this prayer, you better make sure you're ready for the answer!

I got all kind of emotions from things in my past that I thought I let go of, but really I just swept them under the rug.

The key to knowing whether or not you have healed from something, is to notice if you get a tinge of negative emotion towards that thing. If you do, you haven't healed. You just put a band-aid on it.

I had a conversation with someone about their parent. I wondered why they wouldn't talk to their parent about the way they felt, and I wondered why when this parent said "we all need healing and I want to start with my kids", this person said "I'm healed, talk to someone else about it". I was confused, because if you are truly healed, would there be a negative connotation to your words? No.

How about another person I know (you may know them too) that still brings up past situations as if they are current, and they still have an attitude over it. Have they healed? No.

What about that person that is still feeling guilty and ashamed for being molested, and can't seem to be intimate with their significant other? Have they healed? No.

Lastly, what about the person that can see everyone else's problems but their own, and gets upset when you point them out. Have they healed? No.

Healing is the only way to move on, and it all starts with acknowledgement.

The more we decide to avoid confronting our issues, the deeper we try to stuff them. Eventually, we burst and end up suffering in the long-run. Your mom's words about your weight still have an effect on you? There's something you have to heal about yourself so that she is no longer a trigger for you.

When I prayed Psalm 139, small things came out at first. One of those things was the abandonment of my dog. Then it got to medium level stuff like, being homeless. Then hard stuff like being ashamed of being molested. It grew, and the more it grew, the more I realized I had not let go of HALF the stuff I claimed to let go of. I just kicked it under the porch to deal with later. And in the end, I ended up with cancerous thoughts of other people. I lived tainted.

There is so much power in healing. So much so I couldn't fully explain just how freeing it is. A lot of people still confuse healing and just not dealing with a person/situation. They think moving away is what heals, or ignoring is what heals, maybe they even putting a wall up as healing. None of those things are true healing.

True healing is is laying every single thing out on the table with God, and giving him the "ok" to take on that weight you're carrying (and not picking it back up out of comfortability).

True healing is looking in the mirror and accepting that there are some things you may have did, but it doesn't make you a bad person.

True healing is living so free in God's grace that those old triggers are no longer triggers anymore.

True healing is living your best life with a clean heart and untainted vision. You deserve true healing, and I hope you start NOW.

If you would like my free e-journal or booklet healing journal, email me and I can get that to you! Closed mouths don't get fed, and Tanaya is no mind-reader honey.

p.s. I have now become the tea sipping, candle-lighting, plant talking healing advocate I spoke of earlier.

Speak life, love hard, and heal.



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