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Wedding Update | T-Minus 2.5 Months

Hey there fam!

Um, so like...I've been getting a lot of questions about our wedding and wedding planning. So I thought that I would alleviate the need to explain 100 times by creating a super simple blog post about it.

As we all know, 'Rona is running the streets still. To be honest, who knows what it's going to be like in October. With that being said, yes we are still having our wedding. Now, it's not going to be your typical wedding...

because we have decided to limit the amount of people invited to the venue.

Yep, that's right. So many of you have received STD's (Save the Dates, you perv), but only a select handful will be receiving invites to the ceremony. Nothing personal, really, but we have to be really picky with who we're willing to potentially catch 'Rona with.

On that note- we MIGHT have the online option for folks to watch from home. MIGHT. If we decide to have the wedding on Zoom or whatever, the link will be sent to guests at our choosing.

On another note, if you do not get an invite, do not fret my friend, we will be having a nice reception next year that you may or may not be invited to. Who's to say? Now, I don't want this to sound Elitist or anything, so please don't take it the wrong way; however I cannot stress this enough, we are being super choosey because of the season we are in.

So, if you are a relative or friend of mine and you do not get an invite, just know it was probably a tough decision, so don't get in your feelings. K? Thanks.

Now some people may ask "why not push the wedding off until next year?" Well, because we just want to be married. We are not getting married just to have a party, we genuinely want to be husband and wife. And if it were completely up to me, we would've had a living room ceremony when 'Rona first kicked the doors down demanding our souls.

But, it is not completely up to me. #Compromise. So, the small wedding has gotten even smaller, and the only thing staying consistent is our love, our theme colors, the date, wedding party, and the church we're getting married at.

That's all I got for ya folks!



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