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Wedding Update | I Still Have a Loose Grip, Don't Worry

Helloooo Starshine!

Phew, okay. Let's dig right in, shall we? So far, I have sent out all my STD's (Save the Dates for you perverts) and only 4 have been returned as "undeliverable". This is what I be talking about, man. You ask people to send their address, and they can't even get that right. Pfft.

Anywho, we've decided to just hand-deliver (when we're let back outside) to those folks that had incorrect addresses. We're also kind of at a stand-still because 'Rona is still sliding in these streets, ya dig?

My sister (aka my MOH) has been yelling at me because I was supposed to have a bridal shower guest list to her last week. But really, it was her fault because she didn't remind me when it was due. She's such a mom.

Anyway, she got the dang on list, which was a pain to write. Mainly because I was torn between some guests to invite or not invite. In the end, I probably deleted them...who knows? They don't. So, in the next couple of months, that party will be taking place. Which I am verrrrrrry excited about.

I have been updating the Best Man, because Peter sucks at that stuff. Basically letting him know the color theme (which Peter didn't share), and when I will be celebrating my bachelorette (so that we don't do the same day. We have a dog that one of us has to take care of. The cat? She's on her own).

My officiants (yes, there are two) have been chosen. The venue for the ceremony is looking GREAT. And since we are not having a reception, it makes things so much easier (sorry to you folks that thought you were going to party). We've decided that we just want to be married, and it's not a priority to have a reception at this time. We will, however, be throwing one for our anniversary. Because surviving marriage needs to be celebrated.

My mom is still insisting on wearing a gold dress...But that is not happening. Our flower girl (one of my nieces) is trying on dresses as we speak. I couldn't be happier! She looks so darn cute! My bridesmaids have mostly bought their dresses. I let them choose their own dress, while sticking to the Bordeaux color scheme and A-line style. I wanted them to be comfortable in their dresses. And since this is coming out of their pockets, I wanted them to LIKE what they were buying, so it wouldn't feel like a waste of money.

I really wish I could share some photos with you, but I'm going to wait until after the ceremony. Because, suspense. Oh! Our wedding website is complete! Woohoo!

Anyway, I'm excited to share more news with y'all! Toodles!



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