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The Dress Is Perfect, But...| Wedding Update

Updated: Mar 28

206 Days peeps! 206 DAYS LEFT until our wedding. I have been slightly planning, and major panicking. Jkjk, I’ve actually been pretty chill. For the ones keeping up with our wedding planning, here are some updates!

My Dress Is Paid Off

Yep! I chose the dress, and it is officially paid off. Unfortunately, when I went to go pick up my dress last Saturday, it was not at the store. Nor was it at the store the next day. Nor was it with the seamstress. *queue side eye*

The dress had some major damage because it was a sample, so they put in an order to give me a brand-new dress! That’s the good news. I am getting a never-worn, fresh, new dress. The unfortunate news? It will not be here until August. What in the woooooorld?

Save the Dates Are Here!

I created and ordered my Save the Dates from Canva (amazing)! I wanted a simple design and I decided to design one that fit the profile. It’s cute, white, and it was inexpensive. I saved a MAJOR coin with these huntyyyyyyy.

Peter and I finally got down to asking for the rest of the addresses we needed to send these out, and that was stressful as it is. It’s like people don’t understand the difference between Save the Dates and Invitations. If that wasn’t stressful, we had to cut some people out of the guest list because the ceremony venue doesn’t hold that many people. And we need to make sure we can seat everyone comfortably.

Since we aren’t having a reception, we really had to narrow down who we were deciding to invite. So, if you are reading this, we know you personally, and we haven’t asked you for the address, Sorry! Maybe during our reception in a year or two you’ll be invited.

Send Me A Prayer

I have 7 bridesmaids in the wedding. I chose them the last time I was engaged with Peter. I have family and a few friends that haven’t been in each other’s weddings (mainly because they aren’t married yet, but that will soon change). I also chose them because I knew they knew me on another level. Really, on a level that not many people get to see.

But, these women… these women. I love them to death but trying to get some of them to respond to my messages is like pulling teeth. This is all while I’m being calm, cool, and collected Tanaya. Imagine if I was Bridezilla Tanaya… the group message would probably be chat central. Here’s the thing, ya girl likes to know when people understand what I’m saying. Simple right? I think so.

Anywho- I’m hoping they understand that they shouldn’t be expecting 2016 Tanaya (who was strict and anxious all the time) and expect 2020 Tanaya (who has had 4 years to get her shit together). I have faith they’ll get it together. Mainly because they have no choice.

Peter FINALLY Chose His Groomsmen

Peter chose his groomsmen the same way I chose my bridesmaids. Guys that haven’t

been in each other’s weddings in the last year or so. Since we’re close to a lot of folks, it was a hard decision, but ultimately, he chose his 7. We passed out these cute little boxes that I made, and each one had a little message inside. When I tell you that guys suck at reactions, they seriously do. I don’t know what I was expecting.

The Hard Work is Just About to Begin

I love how simple our wedding is going to be, however, it being simple doesn’t negate the work that goes into it. I’m a details-oriented person, anyone that has planned something with me knows this. Good thing is, my Maid of Honor (my sister) is also detail-oriented and can fix about anything. So, I’m not too worried.

What’s next? We start planning my Bridal Shower and Bach parties. Stay tuned for more.



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