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Wedding Update | Which Side of Tanaya Best Suits This Situation?

"Patience is a virtue"

-someone who's never dealt with RSVP's before

Wassup, y'all?

Okay, so we have a little over 40 days left before our big day, and I couldn't be more excited. This update will probs be vague, and maybe more like a vent. Okay, so here we go.

RSVP's are...interesting

So, we have a couple of different kinds of invitations. We decided to go with an emailed version because it's easier (and light on the pockets, ya feel me?). I was thinking, "oh this is perfect everything the invitees need are written right on the invites and it has a link to our website. Ya know, where all their questions can be answered.

We have two groups of invitees, the Zoom only and the in-person. Now, the invitations lay out exactly what kind of invite the guests are receiving. While so many people have figured that out, there are a handful of people that do not read.

I cannot tell you how many times I've had to say, "please refer to your invite to rsvp" or "the information is on your invite", or even "please see the website for all the information you need".

You also don't realize how many "how do I rsvp", as they look at the rsvp card with the link to rsvp, "what location, mine doesn't say" as their invite says "Zoom Only Invitation", "I didn't get one" as they're emailing me from the invite app, or the famous "I didn't read your message you sent me privately about choosing only one event to rsvp to, so I'm going to do both".

Y'ALL, my biggest pet peeve besides having to repeat myself is when people don't READ. And I have been so patient, and laughing every time I get a question, but LORD take this cup I'm finished...AND it's only been a few days. I can just imagine how many questions are coming the closer I get to the actual wedding date.

The Groomsmen...oh the groomsmen

Ok, I went cheap and had the wedding party rsvp without a formal invite. While, my girls figured it out, only 3 of the 7 guys figured out how to rsvp (one did not because of my doing). Y'all, it's as simple as clicking the link, typing your name, and clicking "attending". That's it.

When I tell you I gave up because they couldn't figure it out, I mean I GAVE UP. Peter was over there confusing them (Lord, my Peter), so I just said "f it" and registered them myself. Phew....chile, they will be the reason Bridezilla comes out.

American vs American

So, I am learning that there's such a difference in Hmong-American weddings vs Black American weddings. While some things are similar, a lot of Hmong-American weddings are a "I know the couple so I'll just drop by without an invite or rsvp" type. But with ours, you need to have an rsvp unless we're ballin and don't care who shows up...

That ain't me...

I am a numbers girl, type A, organized. If I don't have exact numbers, and people show up, someone is getting choked out (kind of kidding, kind of not). To help my sanity, I only invited a certain amount of people, and I was VERY specific on the in-person vs zoom.

So...you...reading this...if you show up and Peter & I didn't invite you personally, be prepared to get your feelings hurt cause I ain't got time for entitlement.

Happy Medium

Phew, rant over. Okay, so I am actually really excited about seeing (and hearing about) all the folks that will be joining us on our big day. With the invitations, we had to make sure we were doing what made us happy and not what would potentially hurt someone else's feelings. I think that has really helped us plan this out perfectly.

Wedding Decor

While the rsvp's are driving me insane (loony bin seems real peaceful right now), I'm having fun with all the DIY projects to help this wedding feel like my style. While buying new decor seems like the thing to do, why waste money on things you're just going to sell after the wedding anyway?

Instead of wasting money, I decided to use things that I can reuse. So, a mason jar can be reused as something else in my house. A mirrored frame can be used as apartment decor. My DIY guestbook can hang on my wall. Ya feel me?

Anyways, that's all folks! Hope y'all like my ranting and venting. I really needed to get this out! Lol. Okay, go enjoy your day, I have people to pray for before I rip their thumbs off.



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