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Wedding Planning Has Begun

Updated: Mar 28

T-Minus 8 months, and I will officially be Tanaya E. _____. What last name will that be, I wonder. For those that know me personally, bug off. I know you know what it will be.

I thought I’d share with my readers a little of what’s been going on during this wedding planning process. So, here we go!

In December 2019, I had my bridesmaids try on some dresses to see what they were comfortable in, and what fit their bodies appropriately. I wanted them to feel beautiful in whatever dress they chose.

In January, a few of my bridesmaids and I went to the Wedding Shoppe. I tried on about 5 dresses, all of which were on sale (I like to save coins, hentyyyy). There were two dresses that we were all up in arms about. My bridesmaids reallllllly liked both, but there was this one that everyone kept talking about.

I felt like a little angel. My sister and my friend were saying it made my face look softer. Girl bye, I am an angel. My friend also said that I looked strange in such an elegant dress. Girl, double bye. I slayed. Anywho, that was the dress I ended up picking. Why not add to my already angelic face?

Look, I know I have a very poised face. But, that’s mainly because my mind is always thinking. Always moving. There isn’t a moment that I’m not thinking up a plan, or a deep thought, or whathaveyou. And my face shows it. To some, I look intimidating. But I don’t soften my face to appease. To others, I look like I’m in deep thought. Which is when I ring the bell and shout “THAT’S THE CORRECT ANSWER. COME ON DOWN FOR YOUR PRIZE!” Which is usually a sarcastic comment with a smile. You know, the best prize there is.

I digress. I picked a dress (don’t worry, it’s not the pictures I’m showing you), and I couldn’t be happier.

Next, Peter is picking his groomsmen, we’re making our first drafted guest list, and we’re already planning the bridal shower.

Stay tuned!



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