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The Season Of Love…Self Love | 5 Tips for a Single Valentine’s Day

Good Day Starshine (and love bugs)!

It is officially the week of Valentines day, where people spend money out the hoo-haw to impress their lover (or secret admirer). It is of no surprise to many of you that I, Poetik Tanaya, am single and do not have a Valentine.

But I’m actually okay with that!

I’ve decided, that this Valentine, I am going to do some much needed Self-Lovin’!

If you’re like me, and are either 1)Not really into V-day or 2) alone on V-day, I’ve got some things that you can do. Don’t worry, I’ll be doing them too.

1. Put on that homemade face mask, run that bath, and drink that wine

I am a full finatic about hot baths, face masks, lit candles, soft music, and WINE. It is so relaxing. I recommend listening to my playlist on Spotify “Soul Mix“, and unwinding in a nice calming way.

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2.Give Yourself Mani/Pedi

I loveeeeee doing my nails, but sometimes I neglect them. So, for some extra self-lovery, I’m going to sit down and give myself a full spa treatment. Grab that foot scrub and pedi stone, and get to taking care of those cute little nails of yours.

3. Yoga

My church does Holy Yoga on Thursdays (which happens to be Valentine’s Day this year). Why not go and unwind with some Jesus and stretches? Yoga boosts your immune system, helps promote deeper sleep. It also helps with flexibility and posture! Get to stretching!

4. Journal Your Life Away

I am guilty of not journaling enough. It is the most beneficial to me when I am able to reflect on my day and write down my thoughts, and present them to God. So, on V-day, you better believe I’m going to release myself in my own words and not feel rushed in doing it.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

5. Curl Up with A Good Book

I love to read. I haven’t made a lot of time to finish this book I started. So, on Valentine’s Day, I’m going to escape into the pages while I bathe. Or I might curl up with my fur babies and read until I drift into a slumber.

Don’t let this love holiday make you feel down. You don’t anyone to love you in order for you to feel loved. Love on your damn self, and feel ZERO guilt doing it.



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