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The Benefits I've Noticed While Being 100% Vegan

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

It has been a full week of me being completely #Vegan. Although I slipped up a couple of times this week, really in one day (long story, I’ll explain later), it has been glamorous to say the least. 

Since I am getting my life, I thought I’d share a few benefits I’ve noticed in this last week that I have been DYING (that’s too dramatic). Let’s start over-

That I have been REALLY (mm…that doesn’t really fit either). 

That I have been ECSTATICALLYah that’s the rub

*Cracks fingers*

I thought I’d share a few benefits I’ve noticed in this last week that I have been ECSTATICALLY wanting to share with you all. 

Nap Time is Becoming A Distant Friend

I regretfully am speaking about this highlight. Because your girl loves to nap, okay? I am the Queen of naps. I literally would look forward to nap time in my car during my lunch breaks. But this week? I napped only two times. Which says a lot because I would nap every day of the week. Now on my breaks, I’m more focused and started journaling, reading, updating my social media or walking the sports fields. If I knew I was giving up napping in this #Vegan life, I wouldn’t have signed up for it. Anyway, I have been energized and have taken up jogging, and it’s been going great!

It’s Green! Yes, I Mean My Poop

I really couldn’t care less if this is TMI because we all poop and it’s important that we all pay attention to our stool (there, is that a better word for you?). I’ve been using Moringa powder as a protein powder substitute and it has been excelente. I’m regular (which took some getting used to), I’m full longer, and I clearly don’t need coffee to hype me up.

#Vegans Don’t Only Eat Salads, Derp!

Listen, I thought I’d be limited too, but the #Vegan lifestyle has endless possibilities on food. I just found a recipe to make a crunchwrap supreme using only veggies! No tofu or seitan (faux meat)! I also found recipes to make cheese and cream sauce FROM VEGGIES. There are no limitations to it! So, once I get the hang of the recipes, I’ll share it on my Quick Fix section.


I typically have horrible periods. Mainly because I wasn’t eating enough iron and fiber and whatnot, so I’d have cramps that made me buckle over. Or cold sweats followed by nausea and lightheadedness. Heavy flows? Forget about it (in my Joey Tribbiani voice)! I had it all! Now, I barely realize I’m even flowing! Talk about a major turnaround!

Alright, now go eat some more grains, legumes, veggies, and fruits, K?

Are you thinking of trying the #Vegan life? What are some things you’re hesitating on?

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