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Take Care of Your Vagine | Tips for a Healthy Vagina

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First, here’s the T about your V.

The Vagine is the internal part of the genital area that is used for penetration and vaginal childbirth. The vag is not where you pee from. I know, I’m only saying that because some people really believe that. The vagina is also the point from where our menstrual flows. The vulva is where our external genitalia exist, such as the place your pubic hair sits, your labia (lips), and clitoris.

Ok, that’s the intro, now lets get to the nitty gritty:

1. Discharge is NORMAL

Most discharge is due to the vagine cleaning itself (and also lubricating). But, pay attention to any unusual colors or consistencies! According to SELF- when an egg starts maturing to prepare for ovulation, your body typically releases more cervical mucus, which can look white, yellow, or cloudy and feel sticky”.

So leave that mucous alone, it’s just your body’s natural way of preparing to drop an egg for ovulation or helping those swimmers to reach a mature egg more easily.

However, if your discharge looks a little something like spoiled milk, it is a tell-tale sign of a yeast infection! Apparently, if it’s green, gray, yellow, or white, it could be bad bacteria in your vagine OR an STI.

2. Don’t use special body washes/soaps to clean your vulva or vagina

Your V is a self-cleaning machine, which means that strong scented soaps and body washes could very well throw off your pH balance (did you know there was such a thing?) That can cause more discharge than normal, AND possible bacterial infection! So, stay away from the douches!

I’ll emphasize:

Your vagina does not need a douche! -Tanaya

3. Underwear? Maybe.

Now, it is always optional to go commando. Underwear is to protect your vagine from harsh clothes and to protect your clothes from discharge. Sometimes, there’s so much acid in your discharge, you can eventually turn things colors! Anywho, what’s best at night is to go COMMANDO! That way, you can help prevent extra moisture around your vulva. The less, the better! Also, choose cotton over any other options. Let the girl BREATHE!

4. Change Out them SWEATY workout clothes

I know, we all like to look cute and whatnot, but pleeeease change out of your wet clothes ASAP after working out, or swimming. The more sweat/moisture that sits against your vulva, the more likely you are to get a yeast infection. Just be safe people!

5. Scent is normal, but the fishy smell is for the birds!

Every vagine has a smell, and they all vary. It could be because of your hygiene practices, discharge, or the bacteria that’s naturally in your V. BUT, it can also mean that there’s something wrong with our V. If your vagine begins to smell fishy, you more than likely have a bad bacteria taking over for the 99 and 2000. BUT that is not always the case (if it is, please see a doctor) sometimes you may have forgotten to string out that tampon, or you left it in there too long (4 hours is my max time of wearing a tampon…well..before I switched to discs).

Either way, before I get too off subject, always see a doctor if your vagina has a weird/off smell.

6. Wipe Correctly

Front to Back. That simple. If you wipe back to front, you could be taking bacteria from your rectum to your urethra which can cause a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)! And unless you want to be in horrible pain every time you use the bathroom, I suggest you take this wisely!

7. It should not itch or burn

No, you should not be scratching down there like you have fleas. If you are, then you more than likely have a yeast infection (if that’s not the case, make sure to rule out bacterial vaginosis or and STI like….crabs. There, I said it.) If you know that it is a yeast infection, there are at-home remedies to help combat. Like placing plain yogurt on the labia area. That way, the bateria from the yogurt can help balance the bacteria in your vagine! There are other great tips you can search online, but if that doesn’t help, it’s time to see doctor.

8. Put that petroleum jelly and lube to the side

If the label doesn’t say “LUBRICANT” then you don’t need to LUBRICATE! Using just any ol’ thing to lube your Vagina can cause your pH to be thrown out of whack. Just don’t do it! Speaking of lube, if you are sexually active and your choice of options are vaginal and anal…Please, please PLEASE use a NEW condom every time you switch from either one of those places. You are setting yourself up for a downhill battle (and you will lose) if you do not take this seriously.

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