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Students, Your Grades Do Not Define You

Good day Starshine!

This morning, I was scrolling through Facebook and I noticed a screenshot Tweet that was shared on my news feed.

This statement resonated with me, here’s why:

I was in college getting some credits to transfer into the University of Minnesota for a Veterinary Medicine degree. Which is a degree I wanted since I was a kid. I was doing everything I could to get there, even though it was a rough start.

I applied for the program, not realizing I had some pre-reqs to complete before I was even considered. So, I stayed at the community college I received my A.A. at and began taking the courses I needed. I knew I could get these finished and make my way to my dream career. But that is not what happened…

Do you know how devastating it is to study for HOURS before class, after class, and during work, and think you’re doing okay and you are failing every exam?

Or going to the instructor asking for help and they tell you “you’re not studying hard enough”?

Or how about getting tutoring on two major subjects that are the only way to get into the program and you fail both…twice?! Then you are forced to withdraw for the second time because you just. can’t. grasp. it?

Back then, school was so important to me, and I was paying out of pocket for my tuition. So I was always giving 110%. But my results were sub-par…hell they weren’t even par.

I became so lost and disappointed in myself. I felt like a failure because school was MY THING. But when I couldn’t understand how to form a molecule, or how to do linear and quadratic equations or logarithmic functions, I felt like I failed at the one thing I’m good at. Learning.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that my parents taught me the importance of education, but my inability to grasp the concepts I was taught does not mean that I am not capable of doing what I need to do to succeed in LIFE.

Don’t let grades be the deciding factor in your life. Don’t let anyone convince you that your worth/intelligence is based on a letter. Learn what challenges you, but don’t let it consume you.

Your identity is not based on whether you do great in school or not. It feels that it’s a make or breaking point of your life, but it’s not. By all means, try hard, push yourself, but don’t succumb to the image society plays on us.

You. are. not. your. grades. huntyyyyyyyy.



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