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Can I be healthy and plus size? You can be whatever the hell you want to be

You know what sucks about our society? It's that we choose to put health and size on the same scale. If you're thin (you don't have to feel thin to be considered thin) and you eat a cookie, no one so much as bats an eye in your direction. But if you are plus size or thick (whichever you choose to use) then people have some underlying thought about your health.

Listen, I'm all about remaining healthy and feeding your body nutrients, but I'm also about that cookie life. Ya dig?

The problem here is that this society does not take into consideration how someone else's body functions. We have a standard that is...ridiculous, and if someone (including ourselves) don't match up to that standard then we are a sure target by the Fat Inspectors.

You know the Fat Inspectors don't you? They're those people that pay super close attention to what you eat, how fast you eat it, how much you weigh, and if you've gained or lost weight. They'll even give you unsolicited judgement (disguised as advice) to "help" you along your journey.

They'll compare you to the BMI charts, other people your weight and/or size, they'll even point out a dimple or two they feel is distracting their everyday life on your body.

But don't worry, this really isn't about you my friend. No, silly goose. It's about them (or maybe it is you...are you part of the Fat Inspector Squad?) They are unhappy with where they are. They won't admit it, of course, because that would be too much of the truth for them to deal with.

They actually may have worked really hard to get the body they have and because they worked hard and disliked where they were, it means you have to as well. But take it lightly because they actually have a fear they won't share with you. *Whispers* they are actually afraid. YUP! I said it. They still have this underlying thought pattern where they think that if you're fat then it must mean you're unhappy. I mean, that's probably why they're punching it down your throat so heavily.

So now that they've worked their body to where they want it, that thought pattern never disappeared. Now, they are tormented by every little thing they eat because they're afraid it'll cause unhappiness in the end. Because, fatness=unhappiness.

Let me tell you right now, the Fat Inspector Squad are phonies. Did you know that weight has very little to do with health? Take the Rock for example, this guy is 260 pounds (yes it's pure muscle) but look at that number. 260 pounds! If we focused purely on that number, does that make THE Dwayne Johnson unhealthy? No, why? Because there are so many other factors that made that number so high.

My point is, the number doesn't matter. It's what you do with the factors around it! I know I picked a super muscular dude, but I needed a large number okay?) Ok, let's take me for example. I'm over 200 pounds (haven't weighed myself in awhile, so I'm not sure of the exact number). I workout 5-6 times per week, I eat healthy, drink my water, and sleep good. All the factors that are supposed to equal a healthy (Read: thin) body.

But why oh why do people look at me and tell me what I'm not doing quite right? Why does my doctor tell me that my tests yield healthy results, but because I'm considered obese, I am not healthy?

Does being thin really equal being healthy? Does having muscles really equal being healthy? NOPE.

According to the TIME (and other resources at the end of this post) being overweight isn't a definitive factor of unhealthiness, and being thin isn't a definitive factor of healthiness. While some folks store fats deep around their organs, others tend to store fat in more visible places. And while the BMI (and the Fat Inspectors) agree that your weight means you're unhealthy, it really comes down to what you're putting inside your body and your activity level.

People make "thinness" as their end goal, and they'll go through drastic (and unhealthy) measures to get there. Which, to be frank, will cause you to be more susceptible to diseases in the future. Instead of just being healthy. Feed your body what it needs to be fueled, do some activities for 30 minutes a day (literally, I can walk my dog and be healthy), and don't sweat the small stuff!

So what you got dimples, hell I have cellulite all through my thighs and butt and I still love shaking it in the mirror just fine.

Before we end this convo, I want to tell you that if you are thin (you don't wear plus size, you can fit into "normal" spaces like plane seats without dealing with buying an extra seat, you can shop in any store for your size (we're not talking height here), etc.), and you have fatphobia, there is an underlying issue you need to take care of. You may seem healthy on the outside, but that mind of yours is under psychological unhealthiness. Don't let the stress of what you eat or don't eat, cause you to be more susceptible to diseases down the road. Fuel your body and stop being so hard on it. Embrace where you are and appreciate your body and mind your business.

For my thick mamas and plump papas, don't let society teach you the wrong way to healthiness. You know what you look like in the mirror, so if someone has something to say about it, who cares! Don't let their fears become your inner thoughts! Just like I told my thin peeps, fuel your body, MIND YOUR BUSINESS, and take care of yourself. If you are still plus size, who the hell cares. As long as you are healthy and happy.

Life is too short to stress over every little calorie.




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