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Megan Thee Stallion Was Right-And You Suck

Hey Fam!

How's it going? I feel like we're at least distant pen pals by now so let me let you in on a little secret from 2021- I know what you did last summer.

Okay, on a more serious note, let's talk the tea, shall we? *sips glass with pinky up of course*.

Many of you have taken to the internet in an unhealthy fashion since 'Rona broke beer bottles over our heads. As of late, the celebrity news has been booming. Meg Thee Stallion was shot by Tory Lanez for reasons unknown just yet, Tamar Braxton has attempted suicide, Naya Rivera drowned after having just enough energy to get her son safely on a boat, Will made Jada explain what "entanglement" actually means.

Black folks are voting for Trump (another post on that later), Kanye tried his hand at running for president for 2.5 seconds, and Hamilton is now on Disney+.

What is happening in the world?

This will not be a sappy post. Actually, it's going to be "I ain't ya daddy, and I ain't having it" type post. So let me make it super clear.

We need to do better.

In regards to Megan Thee Stallion being shot in the foot, the comments and memes that were created were sickening. One of MANY that made fun of the fact she was shot.

Not to mention the countless others that took it upon themselves to degrade her because she's known for twerking and whatnot, claiming she basically asked for this.

Ain't that like a person to try and tell someone else what they shoulda, coulda, woulda did if they were her? Or tell other folks how to run their life? Or make it seem like they know exactly the kind of person Megan is?

People on the internet have built up tremendous thumb muscles, and have disproportionately given unsolicited comments and hate (disguised as advice) more than stopping to think how this will effect someone else. No, everyone is protected by their screens, and have now been given direct access (via Le internet) to comment on other people's lives they have no knowledge about.

Let me give it to you straight, no chaser. What you see on people's media outlets, are only what they are willing to show you. Yes, Megan has a ton of twerking videos on her IG. Perhaps a very small glimpse into her daily life. No one knows what is happening the other 23 hours and 58 minutes of her day. So, why do you feel you should have any say on her life?

I will say this, Megan was right, women are not protected. Especially Black women. We are seen as resilient, and the world treats us as such. We are seen as being able to carry heavy loads as women, but as Black women, we are seen as Super Saiyan.

How many times have you seen a Black woman Viola Davis cry? How many times have you seen a Black woman get dragged through the mud because she came out years later about sexual abuse? How many more comments/cruel jokes will you see about Megan being shot in the foot, completely alienating the thought that this woman was severely traumatized?

You will see a ton more comments as long as we stay in the same mindset. It's time to start protecting our women, especially our Black women, and providing those spaces for us to feel and be seen. TRULY seen.

And Black folks, we are not exempt. We are guilty as well. Stop telling other passionate Black women that they are angry all the time. We are strong individually and collectively, today is not the day we should be snatching crowns. It's time to start lifting chins and letting each other know that WE ARE HERE FOR EACH OTHER.

today is not the day we should be snatching crowns. It's time to start lifting chins and letting each other know that WE ARE HERE FOR EACH OTHER.

If you have the need to thumb punch someone in a post, then that says more about you, doesn't it? You're not happy unless you bring someone else down with you. That's insecurity my friend, and until you realize the only way out is up, we'll always be crabs in a barrel.



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