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Benefits of the Maca Root

Good Day Starshine!

I recently started using Maca Powder when I make my smoothies. I usually use Hemp Protein instead of whey, because, well you know I'm transitioning to #Vegan life.

At any rate, I bet you’re wondering what the heck Maca is and why people are going crazy over it!

Well, let me tell you. Maca is in the category of “Superfoods” because of the nutrients it possesses. Maca is high in minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc), and up to 20 essential fatty acids, fiber, lipids, carbs (the good kind), protein and amino acids).

PHEW! If that wasn’t a lot already! There’s more…

Maca also helps balance hormones, it is said to boost fertility, improve skin and hair and assists with increasing your energy! It also helps with digestion (I can vouch for that)

Maca originated in Peru. The features of the Maca are that of a radish. They come in a variety of colors (mainly tan and red) and can be in liquid, powder, or capsule form.

I buy the powder form from Target Boutique, and put them in my smoothies. BUT BE WARNED: You ONLY need a couple of teaspoons. I made the mistake of putting two tablespoons into a smoothie, and my body did not react well to it. Let’s just say…The bathroom was my best friend (this is why you read the serving suggestions on the package). 

I replaced protein powder with Maca because I needed something that would help my smoothies sustain me (for a meal). But then realized that it was stupid, and I add plant protein + Maca to give me extra nutrients.

The taste… is acquired… It has a nutty smell, and can sometimes over power your food (but this was before I knew that you only needed 1-3 teaspoons). If you are a beginner in smoothie drinking, I don’t recommend adding this just yet. But if you do decide to brave it, I’d say just add 1 teaspoon and gradually increase.

Also! Before I forget! I took this cute little quiz to see which kind of Maca powder would work best for my lifestyle, you should try it too! Click here to try it out!

Here’s the brand I buy from Target. You can find in stores and online (beware, there’s not a lot in the package)

So, have you tried Maca Powder? Do you dare tackle the Extreme Superfood?! Share below!



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