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Leggo my...Ego?

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Hello Starshine!

Today, we are talking about PRIDE and EGO. Two words that are going to be used simultaneously because they are very similar. If you give the definitions of these words a Goog, then you'll be told that having pride can be good or bad, and that ego is the result of too much pride. It will also tell you that pride leads to humility, which honestly sounds highly contradicting.

I'm here to disagree. I feel that any source of pride causes you to see yourself as the primary resource and therefore erases the need to remain humble. Let's dig in.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on the subject. I only share what God has brought me through so I can share with y'all. This post is also a self-reminder.

Pride sets itself in place of God- Albert Barnes

Pride and ego are masks to cover up a weakness. We may not always see this weakness, or care to dig deep enough to understand it, but it is there. Weaknesses such as:

-insecurities -unknown identity

-confusion - lacking in something

People that use their ego to make decisions, or to puff themselves up are really showing that they are not confident in who they really are. Why do you have to tell everyone what you've been up to, what you've accomplished, what you're doing that is seen as having your life together?

When you're confident in Christ, you won't feel the need to make yourself bigger. Because God is big enough.

Think about the last time you told someone an accomplishment of yours. What was the reason? Acceptance? Cheers? Sympathy? Honor? To feel important?

Did you know that God already provides all that (and then some) to the humble?

What is the insecure void you're trying to fill by being egotistical and prideful? Let's take a look at my own definitions of the two.

Pride - You become your own protection. A lousy shield against our true enemy.

Ego- Backs up pride, but has no grounds because pride is flimsy. So ego always falls short.

Pride/ego makes you a lousy god. A puffed up chest that can (and will) be deflated sooner than later. When you are confident in your identity as vessels to be used by God, you'll stop trying to prove yourself to be enough and realize that you are enough.

God is a far better God than we can ever be. When we are satisfied with where we are at in that moment, we don't seek to make ourselves bigger than what we are. We simply live in God's peace of any situation, knowing that God is building a character in us that is worthy to walk in our purpose.

God gave you those talents, skills, and gifts to be used for His purpose in your life. He may have orchestrated or allowed a downfall in your life to build strength IN HIM. When you go around saying "I did this on my own. No one helped me" is untrue. You have no idea what God has protected you from. Think about those people he placed in your life that let you sleep on their couch for a night or two, or those people that made you laugh when you were upset, those people that gave you encouragement when you were down. You think it was all coincidence?

NO! Those things happened out of obedience, whether they realized it or not. So to say you did this on your own, would be a lie. God helped you, and can keep helping you if you allow him to do so.

You are meant for so much greater than to be a young king with their head cut off.




Daniel 5:19-20

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Ezekiel 28:2

John 3:30


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