• Tanaya Eyvette

It's okay to not be okay

This morning, I started off by writing to my subscribers letting them know it's okay to take a break. Your health needs it. You won't be able to think straight if you're constantly hopping on social media or watching the news. Why? because there is just so much going on, it can overwhelm you.

I understand that we want to be on top of what is happening, but trust me, if you get off for a few hours and hop back onto social media again, the news will still be there. What I am here to tell you is this...It's okay to not be okay.

If you are starting to feel frustrated or down, take a break. Please. Let's take some time to recenter and remember that we cannot be of any help to anyone if we are struggling to help ourselves.

But let's remember, you don't have to seem "normal" to save face. If police brutality in all it's many facets are causing you to feel a certain way, you are allowed to feel it. No one can tell you otherwise.

I am a firm believer in God and the healing power of prayer, so I will always stand firm in God's armor. So, if you need me (and others) to pray for you, please do not hesitate to click here. You can fill out the form anonymously or we can contact you after we've prayed for you.

Now, what do you do? You're at home, maybe you feel alone or confused. Right now is the time to make sure you are alright. That you are not letting your emotions lead, and you are following the instinct God uses to speak to you. If you need ANY sort of peace and love, God's got you I promise. He feels the hurt, he feels the pain, he feels the anger. And what is made very clear today at this moment, is that WE GONNA BE ALRIGHT.

Yes that's also a Kendrick Lamar song, but it is very true. We are going to be alright. When the end looks like destruction, it's not the end just yet.



p.s. if you need someone to listen or talk to, I'm here! But most importantly, God's got you. Just speak to him like you would any old friend. He loves honesty over perfection.


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