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I’m Goin’ Vegan, Baby! I thought you’d kale enough to know why!

Good day Starshine!

I came to you today to share some exciting news! Well…exciting and challenging.

I have decided to go V E G A N.

But, not just vegan, I’m going plant-based vegan. Yep! That means no extra/overly processed vegan foods and absolutely no animal products/by-products. However, I am not doing this cold turkey. I am sloooowly transitioning out of my omnivorous lifestyle.

Now, there are many of you that are probably wondering why I would do such a thing. There are probably a lot of you that are still stuck in the mindset that you “need meat for protein.” When that is in fact- WRONG. You don’t need meat to get all of your protein, it’s a myth! Like many others.

But, I’m not here to debate, I’m here to share my journey as I transition, and to help build a community around this lifestyle. To start off, I thought I’d share some reasons why I decided to make this change.

It has its health benefits

I have yet to see any malnutrition when it comes to being a plant based vegan. The only time I see malnutrition is when they are not eating proper to their bodies. Besides the excellent source of nutrients in all of the foods I’ll be eating, there’s so much variety in meals!

I’m tired of the diet fads.

This is not a diet for me, it’s a lifestyle. While yes, many people say that, but this is forreal. I’m already borderline vegetarian, so switching to vegan isn’t that hard! I am just not in love with the keto, paleo, IF, and other yo-yo diets. I see so many people come off those diets (me included) and end up gaining all the weight they lost back! & I’m fed up!

I despise diet culture

okay, so this is a piggy-back off the last point. But this should just tell you how much I despise diets! I mean, YES, get your life and take control of your health. But DON’T let it run your life. The scale is not definitive of your worth.


Meat isn’t processed like it used to be

It even tastes different. Fortunately for me, I am in the midst of not liking meat. It is so hard for me to eat pork because it has such a funky taste. I am also dying down on the beef and chicken. Shrimp, which used to be my fave seafood, has now left a nasty taste in my mouth. I’m not sure why all of the meats and poultry I used to love is now tasting badly, but I’m kind of glad. It just makes it easier for me to cut out meat all together!

As you can see, I am not going vegan to lose weight. I’m so sure that will just happen. I’m not going vegan to prove to die-hard meat lovers that I can still get my nutrition without meat. I’m doing this for ME (and the environment). I’m not here to convince anyone that what they eat is wrong. I don’t care to. I know that in order for me to be my BEST self, I need to start taking care of what I place in my body. So yes, plant-based is pretty primitive but I would rather be primitive than unhealthy.

So, join me on my journey! So far I’ve been transitioning out dairy by starting with milk and cheese. My goal is to be completely off dairy by the end of August (I started in June). So far, it hasn’t been that hard of a struggle. I’ll make sure to share more deats in my next post!

Until then, are you thinking of going vegetarian or vegan? Have you had some luck, or are you still trying to find a way to dive in? Let me know below!

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