• Tanaya Eyvette

How Do You Approach God?

Good day Starshine,

This morning as I woke up before my alarm (once again), I instantly got up to grab my Bible and get to reading. Well, sort of, I grabbed my phone and found a devotional on Youversion that really spoke to me.

This week I have been trying to articulate how I would share my thoughts on building a relationship with God over the to-list we give him every chance we get. The devotional called Prayer by Chrystal Evans Hurst (Priscilla Shirer's sister), encompassed exactly what I was trying to convey.

This statement brought me to Psalms. One Psalm I stopped on was Psalm 37. Here's why:

  1. Each verse (up until 8, and continues sporadically) is saying something you must do with God before you can receive a blessing. Realize that I said "with God" not "for God".

  2. The lines start with Do not fret, Trust in the Lord, Take Delight in the Lord, Commit your way, Be still, Refrain from...

Notice that these aren't questions or suggestions, they're statements & commands. Basically, in order for you to reap the benefits of God's glory, you have to go to God first. But, not because you expect him to do what you want him to do, but because you enjoy building that relationship with him. While, yes, it feels good to reap the benefits, you won't fully grasp just how wonderful God is by only thinking of the benefits.

Think of a child that gets everything they ever wanted. As they get older, they stop asking and just start expecting things. When they use up their money and they bring it to their parents, they provide more because that's how they built their relationship. For anyone that doesn't give them things (or benefit them) they tend to leave them by the wayside because the end result doesn't match up to what they're used to receiving.

How great do you think their relationships are, having only built them on outcomes?

When we approach God the same way, we lose out on a miraculous life. Diminishing God's power to only what he can do for you, develops in your mind a small box you're trying to stuff him into.

If God wants anything from us, it is to build a relationship with him.

If we don't, we run the risk of only going to him for what we need him to do instead of enjoying his company. Imagine we approached our closest relationships with such coldness. Only keeping them around for your benefit. A soon as they are no longer useful, you throw them to the side for something else.

When you value your relationship with God, you value the relationships you have on earth. You come at them with a completely different energy. Embracing differences and loving them in spite of.

So how are you going to walk into God's presence today? Are you going to start by asking him to do things for you? Or start by praising him for WHO he is? (Psst...I suggest the latter).

Once we start appreciating who God is, we start to see ourselves, and others, the way he designed. We start appreciating the waiting, we start going to him just to be in his presence, we start inviting him in, we start building the relationship we never knew we needed.

Here's today's challenge for you: Write own 7 things that proves why God loves you so much & why you love him.

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