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Good Reads| The Prodigal Son by Kimberla Lawson Roby

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Okay, so.. let me start out by saying that this book is very interesting to read. I mean, all the books in the Curtis Black series is good. Every time I see one, I have to add it to my collection.

Could we first start out, though, by praising Kimberla Lawson Roby on her ability to keep adding to the story of Curtis Black? I have been reading about the Blacks through her novels since I was a teenager. They never cease to amaze me.

This book is no different.

The Prodigal Son is a twist of the parable story from Luke 15:11-32 in the Bible. I didn’t know that until recently. But more on that a little later. 

Anywho, the Reverend Curtis Black had a kid that he just recently reconnected with. Unfortunately, this kid (Dillion) was born through chaos. Rev. Black was known to be a cheater, and being so, that is where this eldest son came from.

For years he wanted to be a part of the family, but didn’t know how he could. Once he blackmailed the Reverend, he finally let down his guard and accepted Dillion as his son.

Matthew, the son that was always around, became estranged once he married his wife Racquel. Curtis’ wife, Charlotte, pulled a nasty deed on Racquel, which caused them to lose custody of their child for a while. When they finally got that custody back, and things seemed to be going back to normal, everything took a turn for the worst.

Dillion, although trying his damnest to get back in good with the family that doesn’t really know him, is close to Dr. Jekyll Hyde himself. There are more demons in his mental than the little girl in the Exorcist.

Each chapter is looking at the life of Curtis, Dillion, and Matthew, as they navigate this new family lifestyle. It is chaos. It is filled with jealous rages from Dillion and the loving welcome Rev. Black gives Matthew although he left the family. But in the end, it turned out for the best.

I will add that the ending seemed a little rushed, I was a little disappointed. I felt that the story could’ve been embellished a little more. All in all, though, it was goooooooood.

Okay, back to the parable (this is such a short version of the story). In Luke, the parable that was told by Jesus was about a man and his lost son. His younger son had left the home and became estranged.

The older son stayed to help tend to the needs of his father and the field. When the younger son finally returned home after so long, the father rewarded him with gifts, a party, a whole calf, and fancy clothes.

This made the older son jealous. He began to rage about the fact that he’s been there for the dad the entire time, and he has never been rewarded for his work.

The father then said, basically, closed mouths don’t get fed.

I’m Kidding.


you want to read the full parable, click here.



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