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Good Reads: Copycat by Kimberla Lawson Roby

Good Afternoon,

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Okay, Copycat was such a good read, I literally read it in TWO days! I gave myself a week, but I read it in 2 days. #Showoff

Like any other Kimberla Lawson Roby story, this one still takes the cake. She incorporated some of her old characters from her Curtis Black Series (okay, just Pastor Black) in this story. Although it was a small glimpse, I’d have to say I was really happy to see that he was in there.

Traci Calloway Cole was well-known author that Simone absolutely adored. They met by pure chance (or was it) at a hair salon while they waited for their turn in the chair. From that day forward, Simone decided that she wanted to be Traci’s friend. Which is normal for the regularly insane, but this one was legit coo-coo.

That day, Simone began web searching Traci and her accolades. A simple Google search turned into an outright obsession. She began slowly buying the same clothes that Traci wore, the same makeup that Traci had, and eventually she began maxing out cards for exact replicas of Traci’s cars and furniture!

It got so bad, that she hadn’t even realized she was doing it. So, I guess I’d have to ask, when does adoration become too much?

I think that we all get inspired by others. In art, sometimes you try out things that resembles someone else’s and it can sometimes make a masterpiece. But, when you are completely plagiarizing someone else’s work, where do you draw the line?

Mimicry is said to be flattery. I am guilty of some mimicry. Not in a way that would be deemed inappropriate or anything like that. Well, let me give you a specific example.

When creating this website that you see right now, I went through a lot of renditions. I was trying to find a way to display it in a way that was a testament to who I am. I hope that came across.

Those last 10 renditions of this site were bits and pieces from sites that I’d admired from other bloggers and such. Some colors I thought would look good on mine, even some designs. I learned about this when I worked at my last job. They looked at other websites to get some inspiration and ultimately had the developers remake a few things.

But I didn’t have a paid developer, I had me.

Eventually, as I kept going through my site, I just couldn’t feel Tanaya. I changed it every month until I felt satisfied, and finally I settled on what you see today. Something that is simple, earthy, hippie-ish, and TANAYA (go ahead and explore. I worked really hard on this one).

So, I understand that Simone wanted to use that inspiration for her gain, but it was the fact that she decided to become Traci that made this situation unbearable.

With that being said, here's my "legit" review of the book.


All in all, this book was a very good read. The plot thickened rather quickly, but with a 200-page book, you didn’t want to wait until the 100th page to get to the mess. Ya know?

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: The characters were developed quite nicely. Simone wasted no time in revealing who she was. Traci, and the rest of the characters, were described in ways that you could literally picture what they may have looked like. I really enjoy playing with my imagination in that way, so when an author describes it so well, I really enjoy the book.


The story flowed with consistency. I didn’t become confused to what was being talked about or where the story was at that time. The beginning, middle, and end were really consistent, and the speed flowed true to the story.


I give this book 5 brown thumbs up. It may be biased because she’s one of my fave authors, but this book is seriously good. Legit page turner.

Welp, that’s all I have folks, so see ya! I’ll have my nose in a book somewhere!

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