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Good Reads | Classified as Murder by Miranda James

O-M-G this book is amazing. I bought Classified as Murder about 7 years ago, and I have not ONCE picked it up and read it. In an attempt to purchase yet another book, I realized I still had at least 4 books that I hadn’t read since I bought them!

What a disgrace!

But I digress, let’s get to the biz.

Classified as Murder was written by Miranda James. Who really isn’t who you think. Miranda James is a pseudonym of Dean James. I know I know. What is a pseudonym? I had to research this term myself.

Pseudonym means a fictitious name. Dean James uses this name to author the books he writes.

Okay, on to the book.

Classified as Murder was an extraordinary read. I was captured by Charles, the main character, and his feline friend, Diesel. When I tell you this cat goes everywhere with him, I mean this cat goes everywhere with him. Charlie Harris is a librarian at Athena College in Mississippi, and he also volunteers at the local library… where his Maine coon also attends on a daily.

Did I forget to mention that his cat is a Maine Coon?

I know right? Amazing.

Okay, so Charlie is a good acquaintance with a Mr. Delacorte that attends the library frequently. He’s also a southern gentleman with a straight forward attitude and heart and passion for ancient books. Delacorte believes someone is stealing from him, and an attempt to find the theif, he hires Charlie to aide in an inventory check of his rare book collection.

This collection is so old, nothing was printed before the 1900’s, okay? This was ‘wear white cotton gloves before you touch a book’ old. I would be afraid to even sneeze in this man’s personal library.


On the first day of the job, Delacorte wounds up dead at his desk. That is where the detective work of Charlie, his son Sean, and the police force come into play. But this isn’t a normal mystery, because there are so many hands that could’ve killed Mr. Delacorte for the money he could possibly leave behind in his will, that it becomes process of elimination to find the true killer.

That is…until another member in the house is killed. Double homicide in one house. Who will the killer be?

I mean, I know who the murderer is because I finished the book, that is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

I dove deep into this book as Charlie, a well-tempered and good-natured man tries to refrain from the drama while simultaneously getting sucked into a nightmare.

Did I mention I want his Maine coon? Because I do.

I suggest you give this a read if you are into mystery books. Click the book below to order!



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