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Good Reads: A Sick Life: TLC'n Me: Stories from On and Off the Stage by Tionne "T-boz" Watkins

Good Day Starshine!

I am bringing you another Good Read! I decided to make my way to the library before this pandemic occurred, and I grabbed this book sitting on the shelf. As soon as I saw T-boz (ya know, the T in TLC?) I knew I had to grab it.

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As many of y'all, I grew up with TLC's music. I was deeply saddened when Left Eye died, and I still listened to their music (fave albums were Crazy Sexy Cool and Fanmail), and I even watched their reality show! Don't forget about the biopic they did about their story. O-M-G. I loved it.

So, I said all of that to say, I really wanted to read this book. And I did. Let me give you a little sumthin' sumthin' so you can get your hands on a copy too.

Tionne (T-boz) tells a story through her eyes as living a double life. The person the public gets to see (T-boz) vs. the person she is in private (Tionne). She shares many stories about how her and Left Eye first got started in the girl group before TLC. How those bogus management deals went down, and how reckless she used to be growing up in the business.

I'm telling you, she describes a fight scene so vividly, I thought I was in the room with her. I was literally grabbing my blanket so hard because it felt painful.

Through all of the fame, she also suffered from the Sickle Cell disease. Growing up,

doctor's didn't quite know how to deal with what she had, so they placed a death sentence on her telling her that she wouldn't live to see 30. She was also told that she'd never be able to have children.

Science can only go so far, then comes God.

As we all know, she's lived past 30 and has given birth to a child. T-boz shares her insights on traveling with the disease, and how flying, anger, too much movement, heat, cold, anything could cause a flare-up and put her in a debilitating state. She'd been in the hospital so much, they had to find unique ways to find a vein to poke. Can you imagine? You're at the top of charts, but everything causes you to have flare-ups and you fight through it?

She described some of her flare-ups as crippling. Her body would tense up and she wouldn't be able to move. Management used to think she was trying to get out of performing, which is total b.s. but people just didn't understand what sickle cell was.

I especially related to her story because sickle cell runs in my family. My mom got us tested when we were babies. It's best to get your baby tested to see if they're a carrier (or if they have it) early on so you can prepare yourself for anything that may (or may not) happen in the long run. Thank God I do not have it, and my siblings and I are not carriers. But, that doesn't mean our children won't have it or be a carrier. The thing is, you'll only know when you get them tested.

This memoir is beautifully written in T-boz's voice. It escalates with behind the scene drama, and relaxes with the loving relationship she had with family and the women in the band. She shares photos that we've probably never seen before (like T-boz in a dress!) and stories about her and Left Eye right before she died. It was a fun book to read, and I just couldn't put it down.

Hope you get your own copy, because mine is going back to the library (even though it's a month overdue).

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