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Jeremiah 12 | Words & Thoughts

Good day peeps!

I was woken up in the middle of the night for the umpteenth time this week. This time, I decided to listen to what God was trying to tell me, instead of forcing myself to go back to sleep. It was 3:00 a.m. on a Thursday morning when I was woken up with a nagging feeling to read my Bible. So guess what I did?

I got my butt up and read my Bible.

Here’s what I felt the Lord saying to me (which resonated with me at the time, because I have been struggling so hard with this concept).

If you are like me, then you have probably watched others doing, or becoming, more successful than you. However, you also know that these people are some low-down dirty shame shady roaches that get every thing they want and desire.

Yep, me too my friend. Me too.

So I was directed to Jeremiah, because I am trying to grow in my healing journey. Part of that journey is learning to be compassionate. Not just towards people I like and get along with, but with people I don’t care for as well.

Here’s what I gathered: Jeremiah 12:1-6; 14-15

#1. God loves us, and sees ever single thing we do and feel. He is waiting to see what we will choose to do (whether to call out to him, or try to control)

#2. God uproots (read: humbles) those that lost who they are/were in Christ. 

#3. God will also still be there to get you out and help you live a joyous life.

(side note): I have been humbled many times. I became bigger than myself, and thought of myself to be higher than most people. This brought on that “holier than thou” attitude. I not once showed compassion for people I thought were against me.

I had to watch as my life was turned upside down, while I blamed everyone else for it. I just couldn’t get myself to see that I was the cause of my own falling.

When I was back on my feet, I didn’t have a great foundation. I didn’t pray or try to build a relationship with Christ, I just subtracted myself out of the same equation that put me in the situation in the first place. Which, by the way, is not always the answer. I didn’t even understand that I needed that foundation in the first place.

After so many “humbling” experiences, I realized that my missing piece was God.

I decided to ask God to help me.

Recently, I have been asking God to help me to have compassion. To open my heart and spirit to fully encompass the love that God has for me, through me, unto others. He led me to Jeremiah where he shows more compassion than I’d dare give.

Jeremiah starts off by first thanking God. Then he goes to say (in my own imaginative way) “Yo, God. I love you in all. But what’s with you giving these grimy people all these things and granting their prayers like they ain’t just stone somebody for stolen bread? And another thing, these people ain’t even your friends, why do you still let them thrive so easily? They’re Christians in name, but not in spirit, and they get everything! But you know ME, I do everything you want and I’m still stuck doing the.same.thing. They need to be taken out of here. They are straight killing my vibe, cause they ain’t taking care of what this place needs to do to succeed. What’s up with that?”

Actual ScriptureYou are always righteous, Lord, when I bring a case before you.Yet I would speak with you about your justice: Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all the faithless live at ease? You have planted them, and they have taken root; they grow and bear fruit. You are always on their lips but far from their hearts. Yet you know me, Lord; you see me and test my thoughts about you. Drag them off like sheep to be butchered! Set them apart for the day of slaughter! How long will the land lie parched and the grass in every field be withered? Because those who live in it are wicked, the animals and birds have perished. Moreover, the people are saying, “He will not see what happens to us.”

After Jeremiah made his plea, God told him: look, in your condition right now, if you decided to run a marathon without being fully trained, what would happen? huh? If you have an easy life, how would you know what it’s like to struggle in order to be grateful for that easy life? You’re so busy watching everyone else, and your own family done turned against you. But that’s cool, they got what’s coming to them. I’m gonna destroy everything they’ve ever known to be of value to them. I’m going to flip their worlds upside down. Not only that. I’m going to encourage them and show them the true way to a prosperous life. Jeremiah, that is through me, and me only. If they decide to follow my directions, they will have nothing to ever worry about again.”

God took EVERYTHING they worshiped and put above him. He uprooted them, and showed them that those things can be gone in an instant. But what he decided to do, even after everyone turned on him, was amazing. He had compassion for them and showed them another way to that happy life.

God doesn’t condemn you, cause guilt, and then leave you for the vultures. Think of him like a parent (he is our father anyway).

He will tell you “look, what you are doing is wrong. It’s disappointing that you are doing this. I’ve tried to warn you about the path you’re leading down. Now, I have to let it happen because of your choice. But while you’re down there, if you just call on me, I will come running with open arms. Willing and waiting for you. If you call on me, I will help you through any and every struggle that you have. I will let you know what to do if you just believe in me and let me have a relationship with you.”

God wants us to have a relationship with him. An intimate, best friend, type of deal.

Think of it like a plant. He takes us out of the old soil (uproots) and places us in new soil (compassion). Then he nurtures us with his presence, grace, and love. (grace)

The more we thirst to be in an intimate relationship with Christ, the more he will nurture our roots. The bud on the top of the plant may not seem to grow. You watched it, watered it yourself, and put it in the sun, but nothing works. Remember, the seed is planted, now let the roots create pathways. In order for the plant to grow healthy and strong, its foundation (roots) must be prepared to take whatever circumstance it may endure.

God’s compassion is grace. He humbles us, yet tell us what needs to be done in the future. It is to thirst for him and to let him nurture our roots. His compassion never falls to the side. I learned that I have to focus on what God is doing for me and my life, and not pay attention to those distractions. (Comparison is also a trick from the devil) I have to also believe that what he’s doing for me right now, is better preparing me for where I need to go. He is building my foundation to be strong, because I am building that relationship with him everyday.

P.S. that doesn’t mean that my situations get easier. It just means that I have learned to navigate and react in the way that doesn’t cause harm to my growing foundation. 




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