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Good Reads | A Wanted Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey

Good Day Starshine!

I have been so busy reading books, and slightly having a book hangover, that I haven’t written about any of the ones I’ve read!

So, let’s start this week off with another good read by Eric Jerome Dickey. I love this author. If I ever see his name on a cover, I just know the book will be good…

I was not disappointed.

A Wanted Woman is about a professionally trained assassin that is stationed in Trinidad for a hit. 

She is the ultimate bad a**. Her father came back into her life while she was a pre-teen when her mother passed away. He was also a trained assassin. He taught her how to listen and mimic an accent in 20 seconds flat, and to change her appearance so that she would never be seen the same more than once after a hit.

Anywho, back to Trinidad. She was ordered to do a hit on a man, but it all went left when the time came. I can’t tell you what happened, because it was just so good and I’d hate to waste that action on a blog.

Her connect transferred her out of Trinidad, into the Barbados (a hop and a skip away). She was wanted for the hit gone bad, and they used the top security/technology to hunt her down and kill her if they could.

The book basically goes into the life of the ‘Kiwi’ (that’s what they called her because she disguised herself as a New Zealand woman while she was on her mission) and shows the mentality of a killer being trapped in a place where death is just around the corner.

Might I add, this book is only for the mature. It has sexual and harsh language (like any other Dickey book). But it is sooooooooo dang on good.

Let’s just say, you will not be disappointed if you are into the whole woman assassin, killing machine, graphic-written novel. You will love reading about the ‘Woman with 1000 faces’.

XX, Tanaya

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