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I have exciting news! | Life Update

Hey Starshine!

Aren't we lucky? I'm posting twice in ONE WEEK. Phew! I must really be bored! Lmao. I'm kidding y'all, just kidding. But I did want to share a life update for you all. I have something big that I finally have time to share!


Yes, I am happily engaged to my loverboy Peter. You may recognize him, he was the ex I spoke about in my post about being single. We decided to give our relationship a try again after almost a year of being single. I'm glad that we took that time to reflect on our lives and recenter on God. Because, phew, we were on a terrible spiral.

So here's how it happened, I come home from opening night from a show I did and there he was, standing in the living with candles lit in an aisle. He had music playing on the speakers. I walked in thinking, "well this is a nice sorry for not making my show." He was wearing a suit and had his hair slicked back. He reached out his hand and asked me to dance. We danced to 3 of our favorite songs. Latch (Sam Smith, Piano version), Marry You (Bruno Mars), and Ib Hnub (David Yang).

During the middle of 'Ib Hnub', he went down on one knee and said the sweetest words. He then proposed. It was the most romantic night EVER. And 10 times better than the last time he proposed. This time we know it's right, and I couldn't ask for another person to be engaged to...twice.

Don't you just love, love? We decided that this time around, we will keep God centered in our relationship. We decided that we're not going to allow other people's dislike, lack of support, or cultural traditions stop us from living our best life together. And that's how it should be.

Tune in to more wedding stuff and things as I start planning again!



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