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Easy Avocado Ice Cream

Y'all! If you have not heard, let me tell you! I just made the BEST (did I say the best?) avocado drink EVAAAAA.

Here's a little backstory. I didn't want to keep paying the $5 every time I wanted some avocado snow from my fave boba tea place, so I decided to experiment in the kitchen. So with that, I learned how to make it at home.

Download recipe here

What you'll need:

1 Frozen Avocado (shelled & pitted)

2 Tsp+ of Blue Agave or Vegan sugar (sweeten to taste)

1/3+ C Almond milk (soy or cashew work fine too)

Blender or food processor

Rubber spatula

Coconut Whipped Cream (optional)

(I made this with a whip cream dispenser, so I'll give you the ingredients for whisking)

1/2 C of full fat coconut milk

1/4+ of powdered sugar


Very cold mixing bowl

If you do not have a whipped cream dispenser, sub for a SUPER cold mixing bowl (metal is preferable). Just place in the freezer for a few hours before starting this part of the recipe.


Take the frozen avocado, plant milk, and sweetener and place inside of blender. Blend until smooth.

Once it has the taste you desire, and consistency of ice cream, place it into a bowl or cup.

Grab your very cold mixing bowl and pour in the coconut milk and powder sugar. Whisk until the mixture becomes thick like whipped cream (you may need to whisk for a while). Then take a spoon and top off your avocado mixture!

Mine didn't turn out as pretty because...life. Make sure your avocado isn't even slightly browned. You will DEFINITELY taste it when you go to drink.


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