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Do I Let My Feelings Control Me?

When you're finished reading, try answering the questions at the end.

We're going to get a little deep here, okay? I found a post-it in my journal from last year, it said "Do I let my emotions control me?" I'm not sure what my answer was, but it occurred that so many of us do without realizing it. So today, we're going to dive a little deeper into understanding (just the tip) on how our emotions can start to overwhelm us.

We're diving right in...

The more you live in your emotions, the less you start seeking God for the answers

Let's talk about the two extreme versions of emotion.

Empathy (the Empath)- A person that feels everything. So they end up opening themselves up to take on other people's weight. They're so deep-rooted in their emotions, they forget to bring in God.

Apathy (the Apath)- the refusal to feel for others. There is a wall that has been built either because of generational bringing up, trauma, disease, or whathaveyou. When they are guarded, they tend to not see other people as human. They have a harder time being what God designed us to be in the first place (human, loving, feeling, etc.).

Knowing your emotional well-being is good. It's part of who you are. But it is not ALL of who you are. Your emotions are attached to a piece of you (your soul), and it does not create the entirety of your being.

But when you decided to give yourself over to Christ, you made that conscious decision (hopefully) to live in the spirit. To align your body and soul to God's spirit within you. But, beware, the devil is sneaky. He'll show you the truth, and evidence to back it up, but he'll taint it.


-Your mom didn't show up to your event. TRUE

It's because she doesn't support you. LIE

You're single. TRUE

You're damaged goods. LIE

Your dad disagrees with your artistic direction. TRUE

That means he's against you. LIE

Your family doesn't read your blogs or watch your content. TRUE

They don't care about you. LIE

Your siblings disagree with your partner choice. TRUE

They don't accept you. LIE

Welcome to the emotional roller-coaster

The real truth lies deep somewhere in the middle. And with all these personal experiences where I've seen the devil easily mix truth and lies in one go, I realized that

we start filling in between the lines with whatever we believe at that time. Yes, in some cases your family may not support you in ways you want them to, but that does not mean you go believing the lies the devil gave to you.

When you fill in the space between you and the person/people you have a problem with, with the lies, it gets you all riled up. Next thing you know, you've devoured the bone the enemy threw, and now you're circulating your own thoughts playing off the lies he gave you.

Remember this:

  • The devil's job is to get you off course, to cause division where he knows the strength resides, and to destroy anything that can build a force against him.

  • He'll even have you doubting your own life


Go to scripture when you are not sure. Google it, search your Bible app, ask a pastor or mentor deep-rooted in scripture.

If you Google

-"Scriptures about hearing God's voice"

Tons of results pop-up

- "Scriptures about dealing with doubt"

The Bible gives you the outcasts (Moses, Rahab), the holy, the ones deemed too old (Abram), too young (David), poor, etc. that doubted their abilities, but God reached them where they were and brought great power out of them that changed everything around them; including themselves.

So, when you are living in pure emotion, it gets clouded in your thoughts. With all that smoke, you can't hear God's voice.

At that moment ask God to give you his truth. Even a whisper will reach his ears. Pray, it doesn't have to be "perfect". Just talk to him about how you feel, and ask him to reveal what is true in you through him, so that you can stop believing lies.

When you feel you aren't enough, believe the opposite. If you weren't enough, you would not have been specifically chosen by God to be here on this earth.



Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I let my emotions control me?

  2. How do I manage my thoughts?

  3. What lies am I believing about myself and the world around me?


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