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DIY Non-Toxic Multipurpose Cleaner

Updated: Mar 28

Good day Starshine!

I was perusing my Pinterest feed looking to make my own multi-purpose cleaning spray. We all know that Pinterest is known for their DIY ideas, and I just about collapsed from all the images that popped up when I searched!

Ultimately, I ended up just taking a collective amount of ingredients that all the posts spoke of and created my own multi-purpose cleanser.

This cleanser is great for ridding of soap scum, grease, cleaning toilets and tubs, sinks, etc. Because of its acidic nature, it cuts through that tough build-up and it’s NON-TOXIC!

If you’ve ever gone cheap on cleaning products, like I have, then you understand the feeling of your lungs filling with poisonous gas as you spray it on cleaning day (I’m looking at you Mr. Awesome). This stuff is TOTALLY worth taking the time to do.

The product pictured is one way I’ve created the concoction. It takes longer than the way I’m showing you below (about 2 weeks of sitting in the vinegar) So, I’m giving you both options below.


1-2 Lemons (I used majority of my lemons because they were going bad)

½ and Orange (I didn’t use it in this recipe, but it’s worth a shot!)

White Vinegar


Cheese cloth or coffee filter (unbleached)

Spray Bottle

Instructions for long version:

1. Juice the lemons and orange inside of mason jar (catch any seeds from falling into container).

2. Fill the jar with the lemons and oranges.

3. Fill jar with vinegar and let sit for 2 weeks.

4. Once the two weeks are complete, fill a spray bottle with 1:2 ratio. 1 part vinegar mixture, 2 parts water. Start cleaning!

Instructions for shortened version:

1. Juice the lemons and orange

2. Strain the juice from the lemons and orange with cheesecloth or unbleached coffee filter (we want zero pulp)

3. Add the juice from lemons and orange, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of vinegar to spray bottle.

4. Shake and spray!

This works great for cleaning windows as well. Just buff with a soft cloth to rid of streaks!

There you go! Two simple ways to make your own non-toxic cleaner.



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