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Days 6&7 of 90: What Happened?

Helllloooo! So I totally fell asleep without writing a post for day 6, so here we go.

Today is Sunday and I am writing my day a little early. I have a few wedding projects to get finished, so I want to spend my night doing that. Knowing me, I won't be blogging to end my night because I'll be too exhausted. Ya dig?

Plus, I have a few things to package for Christ Can that needs to be picked up today. By the way, the overwhelming response for my newest products have really helped me move forward in doing this for all of y'all! My Chosen shirts are a big hit! It gets me excited to continue to try new things for y'all.

To be honest, my creative bug was a goner for a while. The items I was creating just weren't selling and I couldn't figure out why. I mean, I'm not one to try and stay on trend, because I really hate having to change everything to fit a certain style. That's just not who I am. I am late for all the trends usually, and I don't like the work in keeping up.

But, I digress, I still love creating things! Right now I'm figuring out other things besides shirts I will add to the store. Trust me, I've been experimenting here at home.

On another note- Week 2 officially starts tomorrow! Can you believe it? Only 11 weeks to go! Hahahahaaaa (secretly crying). Jkjk, I am actually looking forward to this journey. I think the hardest part is fighting my sweet cravings. Last night I ate some peanut butter and banana to try and combat, and I'd have to say that it's doing the body good.

I have been wondering about veganism lately too. There have been talks all over whether you're a "true" vegan or not, and honestly it's all just a big mess. I actually decided to leave a vegan Facebook group because they were like Bible thumpers...except towards veganism...So they were Vegan-thumpers...or veggie thumpers. Haha

I said that to say this, I was craving some chicken the other day, so I went to a Korean + Soul spot called Bap Chicken in STP. I tried their chicken, and while the flavor was good and I seriously enjoyed it, I don't feel it was worth me interrupting my vegan journey. It actually just proved to me why I decided to keep it out of my diet.

But, I didn't feel bad that I ate it. I was actually looking to see if I noticed any differences in my body after I ate it. And for some reason, it gave me gas. What strange thing to do. TMI? Oh, you know me, I don't care at all.

Okay! Let me get preparing these packages and working on wedding stuff while I still have the energy! See you tomorrow for WEEK 2!

p.s. I really want some cake, but there's a limited supply of vegan cakes around here. #Sadlife



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