• Tanaya Eyvette

Days 24&25 of 90: "Mackin, Hangin"

Good day Starshine!

I cannot believe I'm almost at the 30-day mark! Can you believe it? Okay, so please forgive me for not posting yesterday. Peter and I have been trying to get back in the groove since the wedding. So it's been a little weird having normal days again.

Last night, we ended up watching Madea's Farewell play to end the night. Then I crashed on the bed cause I was dog tired.

I will say, yesterday I attempted to make these crunchy quinoa patties but it ended up turning into crunchy quinoa hills. Either way, it turned out tasty. I'll have the recipe up on the blog tomorrow.

OMG- should I write a blog about my wedding day and DIY projects? I mean I made so much so I'm totally up for it, but please let me know if you're interested. I told myself I'd make a video about it, but ya girl has been so tired by the end of the night.

I got back into the groove of editing videos for our channel The Vangs. This Saturday, we're posting a wedding day recap and we're super excited for you all to watch it. Eventually, we'll post the ceremony video once I work out some kinks.

Anywho, I am going to relax a little before heading out to pick up my husband. Hahahaha that sounds so weird.

See ya later!



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