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Days 17 & 18 of 90: Not Much of an Update

Good day starshine!

Today is another day of wedding planning because, ya know, our wedding is in TWO DAYS. Today was an interesting day. Actually, yesterday was too.

So, I've been running errands for these last two days getting things for the wedding. Yesterday, I completely forgot to eat breakfast! Like, who does that? Anyway, so I went to Panera Bread and got a 1/2 of a Mediterranean salad and a 1/2 a Mediterranean sandwich. I took the feta off the salad, but completely forgot about the sandwich.

It was filling, until I started to get a migraine on my way to the church to set up. I ended stopping by a co-op nearby and grabbed their vegan Asian noodle salad. The salad is usually delicious, but I could tell by the way the kale was cut that this was a different chef in the kitchen. The flavor needed more...flavor. But, I ate it cause I was hungry.

Then I grabbed some earth cookies. If you have not had earth cookies, you do not know what you're missing! They are sooooooo bomb!

Today, I had a nail appointment 30 minutes away from home, and I was there for 3 hours getting a mani-pedi. That was totally my doing since I hadn't been taking care of my nails like I'm supposed to. So she had to do some serious TLC on these babies.

I didn't want to pay money for food, so I sauteed up some cauliflower, eggplant, onions, and cabbage. Then I brought my sweet potato with me to church to bake in the oven. Oh! I also brought 1/2 an avocado topped with Tajin and some tomato. It was okay for what I needed at that time.

Anyway, I have a few things to get done for Saturday. Wish me luck!

Also, I probably won't be posting tomorrow or Saturday (we'll see). Wedding weekend is upon us and I need to get things done.

See you tomorrow?



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