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Days 13&14 of 90 : TMI Here I Come

Good day Starshine!

What a couple of days. Of course I was too lazy to write last night because turning on this pc is hell. If I move too much, it completely turns off, so imagine my life.

So, many of you know that I am getting married this weekend. Which comes with some stress that makes me want to snap sometimes...but I won't...until after.

On top of my wedding being this week, my period was supposed to start on Tuesday, but I WISHED, HOPED, and PRAYED it would come this past weekend. How many people actually pray for their period besides wishing they're not pregnant?

So...it came. Literally, yesterday. 3 days early! I was so excited! Which explains why I've been craving salty things like chips...and alcohol. To be honest, I gave into some of my cravings. We got snacks earlier in the week, but what was surprising was that I wasn't interested in ANY of the "unhealthy" snacks! I bought mostly healthy snacks.

Which are now gone...#pmscravings

I also woke up today with cramps, but nothing like the cramps I'd been getting for the past 3 periods. Those cramps came from dehydration and lack of nutrients, then it gave me nausea, light-headedness, and cramps so bad I couldn't stand up straight. Those are the worst! These cramps were like gas bubbles compared to that.

On Saturday, my mom came over to help me squeeze into my dress. Which...wasn't that difficult! I lost a little weight since the last time I put it on (apparently), and it just got me super stoked about this weekend.

Okay, I'm blabbing again! I'm going to finish watching the Finals. I'm not super interested because I haven't kept up with basketball in so long. But, Blackish has a one hour special coming on right after.




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