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Days 11&12 of 90 Wow...Just Wow

Good Day Starshine!

Can I just say, God is sooooooo amazing! We've been having so much good news amazing moments that we could thank no one other than God.

Okay, so last night, I was apparently super tired because I sure fell asleep without blogging for the night. My bad.

To be honest, with all this wedding planning, I've been super tired at night. The wedding is a week away and I still have some DIY projects to finish. yikes

Today, I had a tough time deciding on my workout. I knew I was going to do cardio, but I couldn't figure out if I was going to the workout room or not. Oh, by the way, two days ago I did the Blogilates HIIT cardio and my legs have been super sore. Yesterday I did some steamy yoga, and today I decided to jog. I put Benji on his leash, let him run around the dog play pen, then we jogged our way around the neighborhood.

Okay, so can I share this accomplishment? I need you to be enthusiastic about this win, okay? So, in one of my posts from last week, you may have read that I jogged 1.83 miles non-stop. Which is a huge accomplishment for someone who walked the mile run in high school. Today, I jogged 2.05 miles straight without even realizing it!

I have to stretch out my hip because it's a little sore, but I jogged non-stop 2 miles!!

*applause, applause*

Thank you, thank you! Stop it, it's nothing.

Okay, enough. Hahaha. Today I started having sweet + savory cravings, and I noticed a pimple forming on my forehead. You know what that means? My period is a comin'. It's supposed to start on Monday, which means I get to see the fluctuating of my weight when on my period, which will be good to know. Even though the number on the scale doesn't define health, I like feeling comfortable with any number that pops on the scale. That way I don't continue to follow societal norms on fitness. Instead, I'll look at the scale as a source of information instead of whether I did something bad or not.

Anywho- I've bored you long enough! I shall see you tomorrow!



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