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Day 8 of 90: What is Sleep?

Woah, I'm already on day 8?! Wow, 1 week is down and I'm super excited. I had to weigh myself today and mark anything I noticed. Good news is that I lost 2 pounds (well 1.8), but we're rounding up. Don't judge me.

So, last night after I finished working on a couple wedding projects, I woke up to Peter in my face talking about how loud I was breathing. Hear me out, the room was a little chilly, my head was under the sheet and blanket per usual; but my throat started to get dry. So, I thought, "oh heck no" because that usually causes me to get a cold. So I stuffed my nose underneath the sweatshirt I was wearing which caused me to breathe out my nose. So YES, I was breathing loud. I was trying to keep my face warm.

The room was cold, yes the heat was on, but it hadn't warmed up the apartment yet. Plus, usually in the middle of the night, the apartment is so hot I have to strip down to...one leg hanging out the blanket.

Enough about that hahaha. I went to sleep around 9:30 or 10pm, all I know is that I was watching Bob's Burgers when I fell asleep. Wait...what was I watching? We'll just say Bob's Burgers. I woke up at 5am trying to force myself to go back to sleep. It.was.not.happening.

I finally realized, "I think God's trying to tell me something".

*queue The Color Purple soundtrack*

There's a Bible study I'd been writing on for whatever purpose that'll serve in the near future and I had a nudge to get up and grab my laptop. That nudge would not go away, so I knew I needed to do what I needed to do.

I grabbed my laptop, Bible, and journals so I could write what in my thoughts. A message I believe God wanted me to get down on paper. Mainly because he knows that when I say I'll remember it in the morning, I never do.

As soon as I was finished with Bible study and completing this passage he led me to in Isaiah, I instantly became sleepy. Like that's what he needed me to hear, write, and focus on and now I was done. It was almost 7am at this point, my phone alarm went off (my usual time to get up) but I was SOOOOOO tired.

My little study/nap area

I turned that sucker off and had a glorious nap on the sofa. Both Benji and Prince joined me on the couch, and we didn't wake back up until 8:30am. It was glorious.

Peter was up by this time, so we took Benji on a nice 2 mile hike, did our errand, came back home and had a movie day. I grabbed some healthy-ish snacks like dark chocolate (cacao) covered almonds, habanero crunchy chickpeas (which were not spicy at all), and some chips Peter wanted to try (they were...meh).

So yeah, it was a good day. Had a little wedding stress this morning, but I am doing okay right now because I'm about to go cuddle under my blankets because I'm a freeze baby, and take my butt to sleep.



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