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Day 42 of 90 : You May Notice I Post a Little Less

So, it's been two weeks since I last update you all on my 90-day journey. I know, I know, shame on me!

I am still keeping up with it, but blogging every night about my experiences was just so daunting, so I needed to take a break. Ya know? I am on day 42 of 90 days, and I am doing really well. The past few days have been rough because all I have been craving is CHOCOLATE. It's the period blues.

I reached out to a friend to ask how much better she felt after deleting her Fb page and not sharing as much of her personal life. Among many things, she felt amazing. Her mental health turned around for the positive, and she basically felt freer than ever.

I wanted a taste of that.

Since I have to manage my business pages, I still have to keep my social media accounts. But I made a compromise, I have decided to delete my Fb app on my phone, and I set a timer on my IG app so that I don't get too sucked in.

It is so easy to get lost in the scrolling and comparisons when it comes to social media. It's ridiculous, I know, but very real. I had to put myself in check and take some REAL QT with ME. So, ya girl is about to be doing a whole lot of things that keep me happy and I ain't sharing nada with the world.

Phew, I just shook, because I love sharing things that make happy, but I have to learn to do it without the need to. Ya know?

Before I forget, in regards to my physical health and spiritual health, I am now measuring weight loss by NSV (non-scale victories). Which means watching how loose my clothes fit (or how good my favorite pants fit), how my stamina increases, how energetic I am, etc.

So far, I jogged a new route yesterday and decided to push myself to jog up and down hills. Ya girl did it NO PROBLEM. I knew I could cut the corner and be home sooner, I decided to jog a longer distance just because, and it felt so good. I never thought I'd actually enjoy jogging, who is this person? I left my phone at home, snapped Benji into his leash, and...took to the wind.

Anywho- I am catching up on This is Us and I keep stopping to watch random parts as I write this post. Which means I need to stop writing and finish this episode. Hahaha.



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