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Day 4&5 out of 90 : Save the Drama for Yo Mama

I was so exhausted yesterday, so I decided to combine today and yesterday's blog posts.

Yesterday, I was having a dehydration moment. I was working on some orders ALL DAY, and I completely forgot to keep my soup coolers on the bottle! Plus there's some familial drama that has taken up TOO much of day, and today I decided to wipe my hands clean and leave it to God.

Why do we catch the bones the devil throws?

Anywho- my night ended in pure exhaustion. I was spiritually EXHAUSTED. The highlight of my night was Peter and my friends making me laugh until I fell asleep with the phone tucked under me (Thanks Hooni & KaNong).

I realized at that moment that although I am doing well physically, there's some mental health issues I still need to remedy. One of which is being the "fixer". I always want to offer a better way instead of letting people fight. But God is showing me that I just can't be in the middle anymore. I keep wanting to fight other people's Goliath's, and it isn't my battle.

Putting myself in the fire is burning me out, and causing me to lose focus on what is really important. I'm now realizing that my best weapon is prayer at this point.

Well, I did say I wanted to be my healthiest mentally, spiritually, and physically, I guess this is learning that I still have some things to help me grow stronger.

With that, I am heading to my relaxation tonight. I have a few more orders to complete tomorrow, so I need my beauty rest. Ya dig?



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