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Day 3 of 90: Yay! I accomplished something!


I am so tired of things like this. Have we learned nothing? I was driving down 94e (a highway in MN) and Peter and I saw a bunch of cops randomly parked suiting up with bulletproof vests.

What the hell for?

Anyway, I have been so out of it today (by out of it, I mean busy) that I hadn't even heard about the news. That is until I posted a status on fb asking about what was going on. Then I see a billboard downtown Saint Paul stating that the cops weren't charged.

*queue rage and random screaming*

Again? This has happened again? Only 4 months after George Floyd? To be honest, I can't say I'm surprised. Like, honestly. It didn't come as a shock to me. It actually came to me as..."Y'all still can't get right?"

With all this frustration, the only thing I can do is go into prayer at this point. So that's what I will do...tomorrow, cause I am just tired right now.

On to my daily update:

This morning I told myself that I was going to attempt to jog without stopping. I was going to go at my own pace following the same route I've been walking the last couple of weeks...and I did. I strapped Benji into his leash and we headed out the door around 8am. I turned on my Samsung health app because I am using the Couch to 5k program. Which, technically wouldn't have me jogging for another few weeks. But I was feeling froggy.

I didn't want to hear the robotic voice telling me how long I had left, or "you-can-do-it" in the most monotone voice ever, so I muted the heifer and jogged. No music, no true crime podcast; just me, Benji, and nature. I didn't stop until I got to my destination. When I finally looked back down on my phone, I had jogged .45 miles further than what I was assigned. *queue dramatic scream cackle*

I was so excited and it was all thanks to the strength God gave me. I was determined to jog that full way around, and I did it. I wanted to dance at the end, but my legs was tired, boss. I had just did a butt/leg workout yesterday that has me SO SORE today...and yet I still decided to jog.

So, you know what that means right? I'm sitting here with a sore hip, sore outer thighs, and a sore butt. Every time I walk I feel the need to reach for a cane. Anyway, I have my handy dandy stretching routines for the night and a heating pad to soothe the ache.

I've been up since 6am, and it's now almost 9:30pm, and it's about time I wind down. Today was a great day.

See you all tomorrow!

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