• Tanaya Eyvette

Day 2 of 90: What the f--

Hellllooooo everyone!

Okay, so day 2 has been a doosey. Like, I woke up so motivated, right? I did a booty workout by Blogilates (what an extreme workout). My legs were so shaky and they feel like freaking jello! I know I'm' going to be sore tomorrow.

This morning, I woke up thinking about a lot of things. One of those things was forgiveness. So I decided to use that opportunity to email my subscribers a little bit about that. You know, these last few days, negative thoughts have been trying to enter my head. Not in a way that makes me see my life any different, but in a way that I imagine conversations with people I've never had and my reaction to it.

I thought those days were over.

So I had to go into prayer mode because there's clearly something I haven't let go of in regards to those folks. I don't like waking up having those kind of thoughts, so I'm nipping that in the bud RIGHT NOW.

Oh! Today I tried a few different recipes. One of them DID NOT work out. It was some squash soup I attempted to create...it was waaaaaay too garlicy and salty. I guess that's what I get for not looking up a recipe. I mean, come on Tanaya, this was your first time attempting this soup.

For breakfast I had 1/2 an avocado, toast, and vegan sausage.

Lunch & dinner was quinoa, cabbage salad, and sauteed mushrooms + onions.

My first snack...well I guess my only snack, was some vegan yogurt, 1/2 a plum, toasted pine nuts + chia seeds.

Anyway, I have to take Benji out because this mutt keeps bothering me.

Have a good night!

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