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Day 10 of 90: Stressful Moments, Calming Conversations

Hello, hello, hellooooo!

It's almost bedtime and I contemplated writing this post because I want to go in my room and relax. I've been working on orders all day (which should've only taken an hour), and I had a couple of stressful moments trying to get some shirts right.

My time was running out, and The Writing Room was about to start. I needed a break. I was so stressed I wanted to cry. Plus, I'm a little overwhelmed with wedding stuff, and I'm trying not to hurt anyone's feelings. Well, The Writing Room did not disappoint. Who knew writing fiction with other writers would be so calming?!

Today, I worked on some cardio. Instead of jogging, I did a cardio workout from Blogilates. I think I may have pulled a muscle in my hamstring, so who knows if I'm going to go jogging tomorrow.

Who knows.

Anyway, I'm going to simmer down. Oh! I ate some chips intentionally today. I did it to see how my body reacts when I eat them and...my mouth hurts and I feel bloated. So, I guess chips are out? That's what's best.

Right now, I'm cuddled up with Peter while Benji looks at us with a jealous mug, and we're watching Mr. Deeds because...why not.

Okay, I'm just blabbing now. I'm going to finish relaxing.

Good night!



P.s. Peter says hi!

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