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#SocialDistanceandChill -Things you can do during the Covid-19 pandemic

If you want to #Socialdistance like a pro, then you have to follow these tips to stop yourself from going insane!

Some of these may interest you, some of them won't be for you. But please don't knock it before you try it! So, if you're staying home during this time, keep on reading.

Catch Up On Those Shows

You've worked so much that you haven't had time to catch up on those Netflix bingeworthy shows (like Gentefied and On My Block). Now is the time to pull out that bottle of wine and popcorn. Turn on that television and get to watching! Got a bae, pet, or stuffed animal? Grab them up and yell "cuddle time!"

Do Some Exercises

We all tend to get a little too comfortable sometimes. So it's very important that you remain active while in the house. For now, we are not quarantined in our houses, so it's okay if you want to walk the block or stand outside.

I use this app called FitOn, it lets me invite folks to workout with me virtually AND it's one hell of an app. I'm not getting paid for this, so you know it's real!

Read A Book

I love to read, and I know some of y'all have books on your shelves that have been collecting dust. Go on ahead and crack that baby open and get to reading.

Scrolling social media can get daunting. Before you even realize, you've gone down a rabbit hole three hours later wondering where your day went. Right past you, that's where.

Just put down that phone, close that tablet or laptop, and get down to reading. Your eyes will thank you later.

Perfect That Hobby

I know you have a hobby you love doing. I love crafting, I'm okay at it right now, but you better be sure I'm not going to let that stop me! Go order online at Michael's (they do curbside pick-up) and grab some craft tools for you to use. Before you know it, you'll have a nice little stash to sell if you wanna.

Need kids crafts? Hit up Pinterest! It will change your life. You can literally create something with the kids from anything sitting in your house.

Call Up Your Friends

How many of us still talk on the phone with our friends? I don't really do that anymore, not as much as I used to anyway. But this is the perfect time to video chat those you love and hangout virtually. I've seen really fun screenshots of friends hanging out via video. Give it a shot!

Check On Your Parents/Grandparents/Elderly

If you have a friend or family member that is older and possibly alone, make sure to check up on them. They are most at risk for Covid-19 and may be a little scared at this moment. Don't forget about them as you go through your days. I'm pretty sure they'll love that you thought (and put in the effort) to check up on them.

You can also bring the kids into this one too! Older folks love the excitement of a child... I think... make sure to check that out with them first. Hahaha!

Try Out New Recipes

If you haven't cooked in a while, or you've been making the same thing daily, try something different. When you go grocery shopping, pick a veggie you've never used before and see what you can create.

Bring the kids and have a Master Chef Junior contest (or let them be taste-testers if you don't want wasted food) and get in that kitchen!

Stay Prayed Up

I saved the best for last. Many of us make excuses that we don't have enough time to pray. Well, now you do. If you have kids, bring 'em to the praying party and get it started! Lay it all out and see how your perspective starts to radiate light!



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