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What does it mean to be Body Positive?

What is being being body positive? And how do we stay body positive when we

ourselves don't feel so confident all the time? It's tough, it really is, especially when you have a world of spectators sitting on the sidelines just waiting to judge you.

So "let me break it down for again, you know I only say it cause I'm truly genuine, baby girl"... Being body positive means you love your body at ANY stage that it's at. You may not necessarily feel confident about it sometimes, and that's okay. But we have to make sure that we aren't speaking bad about our bodies, even in a joking way. As soon as you speak something out loud about your body that isn't full of love, your body reacts to that. That is how strong our words are.

Ever heard the saying "your words have power"? Yeah, they do. Speak it out into the universe, it has no choice but to make those words law. Give it a Goog, you'll learn something new today. Also, why do you thing God tells us to pray aloud? It's not to make sure God heard us. Chile, no, it's to make sure the devil knows what reinforcements you have.

What gets difficult with body positivity though, is that people have this notion that you have to stay the same size throughout this movement. Although it is typically shared amongst plus size women (and sometimes men), body positivity is understanding that every body deserves to take space. It's supposed to be a non-judgmental movement, where we don't call someone phony because they decide they want to lose weight. Instead, it's supposed to be a supportive movement where we congratulate people for doing it (in a healthy way of course).

Body positivity is loving that extra roll tucked under that bra band. That dimpled butt cheek and cellulite thighs. It's loving the small boobs and big bellies. Seriously. Can they please make plus size clothes for women that DON'T have big boobs??? My B & 1/2 Cups can't handle it!

It's loving every inch and celebrating bodies around the world. There's no size limit. You love yourself and others, and celebrate our bodies getting us through this journey! Now go hug your curves and stop being such a Negative Nancy, and be a Positive Paulina.

What parts of your body do you struggle with, and why? You can leave a comment below by logging in.

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