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Bloom Where You Are Planted

I tend to use plants to talk about life, but that is because they are living organisms! The first picture is of my plant that I plucked from my boss’s plant. I decided to re-root it in my own pot at home. Good thing I did because his plant ended up becoming infected and dying. As I took care of this plant, it began to grow from one leaf, to two, to three, then BAM it broke. My cat knocked it over. It was an unforeseen circumstance that ruined a plant in need of nurturing.

That is much like life, isn’t it?

We think we’re doing good, taking ourselves out of toxic environments just to be knocked over and broken. I could’ve given up and thrown the plant in the garbage because the roots had been demolished, but I didn’t. I took that baby and re-potted it into a huge wine glass/vase. I still watered it and put it near the sun but it just would not grow!

Eventually, some things happened in my life and I entered into a new chapter. I felt stuck and afraid to move up in life. Then something changed, I adjusted to the newness in a positive way. Do you know that my plant began growing? My partner always jokes that it’s because I changed my energy, but I wouldn’t doubt that one bit. Plants DO respond to your energy and its environment very much like people do.

In 3 weeks time, my plant began to blossom. And when I say blossom, I mean BLOSSOM. Every week there was a bud of a new leaf forming. I couldn’t believe it.

I got this plant a little over a year ago, and it took this long for it to finally start to come into its own.

Did you know that it is very similar to our lives? We expect our removal of toxicity to be the instant precursor to a better life. What we don’t expect are challenges, trouble, and times of standing still and feeling stuck. We don’t expect there to be times where nothing seems to change while we are doing all of the right things to make our life better. But what we do know, however, is that we are doing everything there is to do to get there eventually.

I use this as a way to understand my weight loss, my intimacy with God, relationships, life, etc. I know that I am changing the inside to be the blossoming person I am becoming, but sometimes I get tripped up on the things that happen in the meantime. I build this relationship with God, but I get told I’m not a true Christian because I don’t do certain things. I eat healthy and workout but my body is seemingly stuck at a range I’m not happy with. I am happy with my life one minute and then someone I love dies or a traumatic experience happens and I feel broken. But there is something in that brokenness that we have to pay attention to.

Your brokenness is not your final destination.

That storm, that waiting, that experience is there to build a better you. If you stop in the storm and wallow, you will never see the light of day. It is in those moments that you have to use the tools God provided, give thanks, and fight through to the other end. Sometimes rebuilding feels like being broken down, because a new foundation has to be formed in order to help you grow.

(Scripture influence: Romans 5:3-4 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.)

My new view on life is the result of my brokenness. I took those as learning lessons so that I can be stronger when the next hit comes, whatever it may be. But the fact is that it takes time. We never know how much, and it can take more time than we are used to. In this life, we can get things on demand. We’re not used to waiting for long periods of time. But that is the beauty of life.

We have to be willing to wait because we KNOW that the outcome is more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

So, when you’re going through your hard time, remember my plant story like I have. It will get better, just cling onto that faith and hope.

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