• Tanaya Eyvette

Yes, I'm Doing Another Challenge

Hi there!

Many of you know that I have stumbled upon a good weightloss challenge a time or two. Well, I'm on another one. EXCEPT it is completely different than all the other challenges I've ever done before. This one is specific (and very personal) to me and my body.

Recently, I've been having trouble with certain areas of my health, and I realized I needed to get my control back! So I figured I'd give it all that I have to get into the healthiest shape of my life, starting with a 90 day journey. This means I'm going to be trying a LOT of different things to see what works well with my body, and also failing at some things (and that's okay).

Before you jump in the comments I want you to understand that, while yes I do want to lose weight, that is not the primary reason for this journey. I am doing this so that I can take back control over my body, be mentally/spiritually/physically healthy, and a few other goals I have plastered on my wall. Which means, I am doing a lot of things to get me to those goals besides eating good and exercising.

My why is a list of 6 items that may keep growing. One of which is to feel better about myself. No, that is not based on the number on the scale, but by my actions towards myself. I've learned that when I start my day journaling and praying, the rest of my day is a breeze. I'm more mentally prepared for the day, and I'm able to tackle tasks at a better level! So, yes, I'm implementing my spiritual and mental health in this journey.

To help keep myself accountable, I'll be blogging throughout the journey so that you can get a personal look into how it's going. I remember that when I did this in the past, it really helped motivate me to keep going. So, if you have HEALTHY advice, please share.

I'm taking this one day at a time and learning as I go. So far, I've implemented a few things already, and I'm super excited to add other ways to keep myself balanced. I'm reaaaally excited to get this started.

Be prepared for random blog rants, yummy recipes, fun exercises I found, and...pretty much anything I feel like sharing! Day 1 can't come soon enough. Like seriously, I'm waiting on my fitness journal to get here so I can start recording everything down. But, more on that later.

By the way, what's what thing you want to take back control when it comes to your life? Have you already done it? If so, please share!

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