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11 Ways to Self-Care During Election Day

#1 Pray & Meditate

Meditation helps you stay still and to calm your mind, in turn, you can calm your senses and keep yourself grounded. During these times, it's important to make sure you are staying centered.

#2 Be Mindful with Your Social Media Use Today

It can get really easy for you to get caught up in the downward whirlwind of social media, especially today. Try limiting the amount of time you visit your favorite sites. Too much negative screen views and political/news viewing can ultimately cause an emotional/mental shift in the wrong direction. Try putting that phone down, especially today.

#3 Do A Random Act of Kindness

Listen, we're all going through something, that's for certain. Today, a lot of folks may be on edge, and I think it's important that we try and remain kind. So while you're in that line at Starbucks, buy the drink for the person behind you. Waiting at the counter to check out? Let the person behind you go ahead of you. Maybe send a sweet text to a loved one or friend with encouraging words. You never know how far these simple acts of kindness can go.

#4 Jingle That Bell Early

I know it's November, but it's never too early to start decorating. I mean, all the major stores have some awesome sales on Christmas decor, why not get started? Crank up the Christmas tunes, grab some wine or sparkling cider, dim the lights, and deck those halls! Hopefully, this will bring some cheer to your day!

#5 Go Outside

If today is making you feel anxious, angry, frustrated, nervous, or any toxic feeling, please try and go outside. In Minnesota, the weather is absolutely beautiful today, so go out there and breathe it all in! Take a short stroll around the block, or walk around your building. While you're on lunch, leave the building and eat at the nearest park instead. If you're working from home, set up a table outside, and click away. Being outside is known to boost the feel good emotions, and who doesn't want that?

#6 Do Some Calming Workouts

Let's try not to go so hard today. If you like going beast mode at the gym (or home), try doing something slower and calming. Yoga is a great strength builder, but it is super calming. Maybe walking around the neighborhood instead of a HIIT workout. Just do something that is gentle on your body.

#7 Eat Those Calories!

Comfort food gets such a bad wrap, ya know. I mean, yeah a 3 patty burger, large fry, and extra-large Diet Coke is probs not the best choice, you can make healthy comfort food and feel BETTER about yourself. Try scrolling Pinterest for inspiration and start creating in the kitchen. You might have more fun than you think.

#8 Binge Watch Some Shows

Have you been missing your fave shows because your eyes have been scrolling the meads (social media) and/or watching the news? This is your time to turn on your favorite show (or podcast) and get to watching! My favorite shows that I've started binge-watching for a good laugh are:


-Bob's Burgers


-Sister Sister

-The Office

Watch something light and funny so you can have a better day! Laughter is a GREAT medicine!

#9 Read a Book

Okay, you should know I was going to add this in. I'm always down for a good read, and if you need someone to read with you on video chat, I'm your girl. Get lost in the pages of the book and forget about reality for a moment. It'll all still be there when you're done, no need to be front and center to the madness!

#10 Surround Yourself with Positive People

Also, surround yourself with positive things. If whatever you're doing or seeing is bringing negative feelings, it's time to change it up sweet thang. Talk to folks that aren't talking about politics right now, or go and start a bunch of chats with your random friends about random things! Literally, I used to text "hey, would you like to learn more about life insurance?" just to get a response from friends. Some knew it was a joke, some decided to ignore me. At any rate, I got a good laugh.

#11 Start and FINISH a New Project

If you need a distraction, try picking up a project you've been avoiding or didn't have the time to do. Today is the day to actually get it done. Need to organize your spices? Take a few hours and do it. Need to purge some clothes? Do it! Want to paint something, knit a sweater, spray paint the patio furniture (that one's for me), then today is your day! Seize it!

Election Day (and any day) can get daunting and can cause you to get a little down in the dumps. Every time you feel a shift, try any of these 11 things and you will definitely start feeling better. We all deserve to feel good, so start working on yourself first!



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