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Hi there reader! My name is Tanaya Eyvette Walker (the is silent, but it is still pronounced like "ya-vette"), but I go by Tanaya or Tanaya Eyvette most times. I am 29 years young and I am VEGAN baby! 

I created this blog in 2017 on WordPress. When I decided to buy my domain I made my way over to Wix and created the lovely blog you see here. Many of my posts from my last site are not fully published yet (I wanted to do some tweaking), but be ready to see all I have to offer!

Hmmm, a little more about me. I am engaged to my fuzzy man Peter, we have one dog (Benji) and one cat (The Cat Formerly Known as Prince). They keep us on our toes. 

When I am not wedding planning or chasing my animals around our apartment, I like to spend some time to myself. I am a major introvert but I will work up a crowd if necessary. I love to watch anime (I'm a totally new anime babe, okay?). I love to read books, watch KDrama, watch all the Black shows you can think of, write stories and I even write poetry. My fiance and I also have a YouTube channel called The Vangs! We talk love, life , and food (because, duh).

I love everything God, so much so I have a company called Christ Can! I design and create all the products you see in the store (just click "shop" and you'll lead right to it). 

I think that's it for now. If you want to keep up with my journey into Vegan life, or just like to be nosy, please click below and follow me on IG!


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